roofing company increases business with facebook

The Challenge

Roofing is a several thousand dollar expense.  If you own a roofing company, or sell any high-ticket product or service, you’re not going to sell directly from your ads. Higher purchase price items tend to make people want to educate themselves more before making a purchase decision.

Also the higher the purchase price the more a lead will need to build trust with a company before purchasing. They want to make sure they are choosing a company with the right products, services and customer satisfaction.

You have to build trust and be seen as an authority first before people will want to work with you.

The Solution

An education-based marketing approach that builds customer trust by setting the company up as the expert and educates the customer on things to consider when deciding on purchasing a new roof. This approach also helps overcome most customers objections before the sales process begins.

Instead of promoting a do business with us now type campaign, infographics and a roof buying guide were created. Facebook ads were used to promote the infographics and encourage viewers to download the roofing buyers guide. In order to download the free guide viewers had to provide basic contact information.

This allowed the company to contact leads directly to follow up with any questions or concerns the lead may have. A free roof inspection was offered to potential leads at this time.

The educate, connect, nurture and close tactic proved highly successful for this company.

Lead with Value

Give potential customers something they need or want in order to establish trust and make a connection.

Nurture the Relationship

Selling is a process. You should always be finding ways to connect and bring value. This keeps you top of mind and sets you up as a trusted expert, which in turn leads to more sales and referrals.


Increase in Business

Month Turnaround

Amazing Result

Landing Pages

A common mistake is to direct advertising clicks to a website page. We make sure your ads direct viewers to highly targeted, trackable, effective landing pages.

Email Marketing

Our goal with all ad campaigns is to capture lead information then continue to nurture your leads to sales completion through relevant emails and follow up.


Graphic Services

We can create everything needed for your campaign from ads, ebooks, infographics and more.

Make Facebook Work For Your Business

Facebook is the leading social media platform. When done correctly Facebook advertising proves to be a major traffic driver for local businesses. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to help you leverage Facebook for your business.