Facebook recently just announced changes to it’s newsfeed algorithms…..I know….shocking! Like any time they make one of their lovely little changes, some people (mainly people who use Facebook for business) panicked.

Basically Facebook said they are putting “Friends” before “News”. So…pretty much nothing really changed. Facebook has always put posts from friends a priority over posts that come from pages. So calm down people. The only real change here is that for once Facebook came out and acknowledged page posts don’t show in feeds as much…unless you figure out how to work the system.

So….how do you work the system? I’m so glad you asked. Here are three ways you can improve the chances of your posts reaching your audience.

Lead with Value

Make sure you are posting content that is valuable and share worthy to your audience. Notice I said valuable to your audience. Take your (it’s all about my business) hat off and think like your audience. What would make you want to like a post and share it with your friends? Don’t make it all about your business either. Share things that serve no purpose other than engaging your audience and provide value to them. Just make sure whatever you share fits within your business model and persona. For instance if you are a local business share local events, news or other highlights of interest.

Take Advantage of Video

Facebook likes some post types more than others. Right now, until they change again, they loooooove some video. Get those smartphones out. Start recording funny, interesting, shocking, cute stuff and post it. Better yet take advantage of the Facebook Live feature. It’s one of their “it” features at the moment. They just love when people use it. Likewise people love when it gets used as they can interact with you in real time.

Pay to Play

These changes make Facebook Marketing more important than ever. Most of you are smart business owners, so it should come as no shock to you that Facebook’s goal is to make money. If that realization just broke your heart and faith in humanity, I’m sorry. It’s pretty simple really. You created a page to engage and interact with your customers. By limiting your content that reaches your audience, they are forcing you to pay them to promote your content to your fans. Sure they say it’s to protect the user experience. People can enjoy what matters to them and not get bombarded by page offers/content. Partly true, but mostly they got bills to pay and need your money. So it’s in your best interest to create posts with great value to your audience and utilize Facebook Advertising to get in front of your target audience.

Need help with managing your Facebook page and advertising?

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