Handling Negative Reviews as a wellness professional

Don’t react to negative reviews…Interact

It’s easy to hop on the defensive train when a negative review comes in. Before you react in an emotional way or get the attorney’s involved, here are 3 Easy Steps we recommend to turn that frown upside down.

Step One

Begin with Thank You.

Thanking reviewers for their feedback sends an important message. It tells current and future customers that they’ll be heard. It shows them that you’re mature enough to sidestep the rhetoric – the name-calling, slander, bullying – they throw at you. You’ll take the news they deliver, listen intently and make changes if necessary. This is important whether the review is positive or negative.
Step Two

Empathize with Them

Show you heard them by repeating their concerns and apologizing for their negative experience. This one can be tough… do it anyway! Expressing empathy is highly effective and powerful. It builds patient trust, calms anxiety and improves outcomes, not just for the patient who left the review, but for the potential patients reading your response.

Step Three

Take it Offline

Invite the reviewer to contact you directly to discuss their concerns. Very rarely will you be able to completely resolve a reviewer’s bad experience in an online reply. In fact, you could do more harm than good. Instead, provide contact information, including the name of a specific representative the reviewer can reach out to for a more personal resolution. This shows your practice takes customer service seriously enough to have someone in charge of addressing issues. 

NOTE: After you’ve provided the reviewer a way to contact you directly, stop responding to the review online. You’re done here. Even if the reviewer replies to your response online, don’t be tempted to re-engage publically. If you absolutely, MUST RESPOND, go back to Step 3 and invite them to contact you directly.

Wait, there’s more regarding negative reviews

Look for Trends

Good or bad, if patients keep repeating the same things, it’s true about your practice.

Use the Good Stuff

Keep hearing the same praise, use that as selling points on your marketing & website. 


Make Sure to Respond

92% of people read online reviews, prior to engaging your business. Seeing reviews & responses increases trust.

Opportunities to Grow

Keep hearing the same negatives, view that as a guide on areas you need to improve

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