Don't Gamble with Your Reputation!

The Simple Secret to Great Online Reviews!

Print ads aren’t entirely dead, but they certainly don’t hold the power they once did.

The vast majority of your clients don’t think once about newspapers and magazines when they need to make purchasing decisions.  Why would they, when they have access to engaging, interactive descriptions and reviews in their pockets?

In fact, the most recent Pew Research data regarding online reviews says that 82% of U.S. adults check online reviews at least sometimes before they buy any items for the first time!

Trying to attract a younger demographic?  An overwhelming 96% of this savvy audience checks online reviews “sometimes” and over half of that giant group “always” or “almost always” consults online reviews before purchasing.  You can’t afford to ignore those numbers!  

Just in case you’re not sure online reviews are significant to your business, consider this: a famous American Express study found that unhappy customers share their bad experiences with twice as many people as happy clients.  If you have customers, trust us, they’re talking! (Learn your business reputation here)

Don’t Panic!

Trying to navigate these new waters can be tricky.  We’ve all heard those horror stories about fake online reviews.  That’s still illegal and you are far from the mercy of the angry online mob!

Don’t worry!  We’re going to share our simple secret to making sure your audience sees your best side!


The first step to building positive online reviews is so simple, most companies miss it altogether.  You see, all you have to do is ASK!


That’s right!  Ask your happy customers to give you a quick review.

Wait!  What?  That’s it?

Yup!  Most companies leave their online reviews to chance, assuming that their hard work will naturally result in 5 STARS and happy comments.

Ummmm – not exactly.  It’s incredibly easy to take control of this valuable commodity and stop gambling with your reputation!

Here are a few ways to get started:

  • You can include a call to action on your receipts.
  • If you have email addresses for your customers, you can include links to review sites in your emails.
  • You can send emails inviting customers to give you a review.
  • You can make physical review invitations and hand them to customers at checkout or events.

Don’t have time to send out email receipts or respond to reviews?

No problem!  Outsourcing your review management is an excellent, inexpensive investment with high impact!

A good review management team will offer these benefits/services:

  1. Assess customer satisfaction— through a simple text message or email to your customers.
  2. Diffuse dissatisfied customers—giving customers a way to vent offline and avoid damaging your online reputation.
  3. Recruit positive reviews—If your customers self-identify as feeling good about you, they prompt them to leave you online reviews.
  4. Assist positive reviewers through the review process—An easier process means more reviews, and increases your chances of a positive shift in your overall online reputation.
  5. Report your online reviews and reputation health—This gives you the opportunity to interact with your positive customers, increasing your positive footprint, or responding to negative comments, mitigating reputation damage. Plus reports deliver powerful insights into the things customers love about you or feel need improvement so you can make better decisions about your business.
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How do I know this will work?

Here’s a fantastic example that proves the power of online reviews:

We recently worked with a company that had been in business for eight months. They had over 160 clients yet only four reviews on Facebook and Google combined.

They wanted to increase awareness of their company and get more clients, but they didn’t have the budget for advertising. Our Review Generation service proved to be an effective, low-cost solution.

In our first week working with them, they had three new 5-star reviews. Seven months later, they had 122 reviews, more than double their initial Facebook likes, and hit 1,000 clients. Through their review reports, they learned that a service they were thinking about discontinuing was customers favorite thing about their business. (Talk about avoiding disaster!)

That wasn’t all, they won a Ruthie Award (Rutherford Counties Best of Awards), too! All with zero advertising.

Online review sites and apps can often feel like wastelands of grumpy customers shouting about how upset they are. But it doesn’t have to be. With the right amount of effort, or the right partner, your online reputation can shine. And before you know it, you’ll have people walking into your shop saying, “I heard about you online.”

What Are People Saying About You?

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