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People Helping People

Our goal since day one: helping small business owners thrive. As we grew, we discovered we have a passion (and talent) for helping people to grow their healthcare or wellness businesses.
It fulfills us in multiple ways. We get to help small business owners, like yourself, grow. And by helping you attract new patients, we get to help others improve their health, well-being and happiness. It’s rewarding to hear your success stories as well as your patients’ success stories.

Our Mission: to Uplift & Enable

Our clients. We want to use our expertise to help you blaze far beyond initial goals and land squarely in your grandest professional and personal dreams.
Our employees. We’ve carefully crafted our Cloud Cycle environment to provide a healthy balance of both work and play. We want our entire team to enjoy a fulfilling existence while also achieving a rewarding career. 
Ourselves. Every day, we strive to continually discover, grow and improve. We 
share our gifts and the lessons we’ve learned to benefit others.

We Value


We insist on it, within Cloud Cycle and our client interactions. The truth and doing what’s right always come before our own interests. We regularly ask ourselves, “How would God or my grandma feel about this decision?” We do not employ staff or work with clients that show a lack of integrity.

We are committed to continuous improvement. We embrace a can-do attitude, rage against complacency and endlessly pursue personal growth. We welcome change as an opportunity to learn. We seek out and surround ourselves with mentors and people who inspire us to be our best selves. The more we learn and grow, the better equipped we are to serve our families, communities, and clients.

We believe that balance doesn’t just help us find our best selves – it’s also a prerequisite for healthy relationships at home and at work. We accommodate our team’s and our clients’ lives outside of the office so they have time to focus on what matters most! We know we do our best work when we maintain a balance between our professional and personal lives.


We are open-minded. We allow others to share their thoughts, ideas and feelings. We encourage a culture of openness and warmth, welcoming the exchange of ideas, and embracing its power to foster improvement.


We acknowledge that our time, energy, talents and money are gifts from God meant to be shared. We seek out ways to use these gifts to help others.

"My #1 resource. I highly recommend"

Ken Michael

Co-Chief Executive Officer, iServe Residential Lending, LLC

"Rare ability to interact successfully with both people and machines"

Al Duggan


Vice President of Marketing, OpenEdge – a division of Global Payments

"Constantly creating and coming up with solutions to issues"

Deann Pulley


Graphic Designer, Valutec Card Solutions


Britney Binkley

Owner | Marketing Strategist

The driving force behind Cloud Cycle, Britney’s been in the marketing and advertising game since 2005.
Her passion for creative and results-driven marketing is only eclipsed by her passion for helping others achieve their greatest goals in life. She holds a BAS in Advertising from Middle Tennessee State University.
When not working, you can find Britney outside camping, kayaking or loving on her fur babies.
John Mark Binkley CFO

John Mark Binkley

Co-Owner | CFO

John Mark is the co-owner and master of the purse strings. Beyond managing our finances, he runs a successful photography business, putting our clients and their services in the absolute best light.
When not working, you’ll probably find John Mark outdoors with a smile on his face. He loves hiking, kayaking, climbing and simply enjoying God’s creation. He’s a movie and music enthusiast if you ever need a ringer for your trivia team.

Melissa Goetz

Account Management

Melissa is the glue of the Cloud Cycle team. She’s the ultimate team player ready to jump in wherever needed. Her wide skill set and vast experience make her a valued partner and client favorite. She holds a B.S. in Communications from Middle Tennessee State University.
Melissa loves traveling with her husband, playing with her boys, supporting her friends, or getting in some “me” time where she can.

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